A New Beginning

After an amazing trip to Northern Italy, I’ve decided to readjust my life. I can’t move to Italy permanently, but I can try to live an Italian lifestyle (specifically a Piemontese lifestyle) in the U.S. There is probably no better place to do this than in Brooklyn, NY. I have some of the best Italian specialty shops in NYC at my doorstep.  With a little editing and minor changes to my food and wine purchasing habits, I hope to recreate a little of the magic I experienced overseas. Do not get me wrong, I still love Brooklyn and support Long Island vineyards, but I have fallen in love with Italy. Don’t hate me New York! This blog will focus on my quest for all things Northern Italian in Brooklyn, as well as my discovery of local cuisine and culture that I think is noteworthy. Mostly, I want to share things that make me happy. Welcome to Piedmont in Brooklyn!


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. How fantastic Dominic, what a great idea! Imagine exploring your city finding all things Piemontese….we lived in Piemonte for two years at Borga Nari and i can see why you fell in love. I also just immerse myself in all thngs Italian and it brings the dream that much closer. Being married to an Italian doens’t hurt either. Great to meet you and look forward to sharing our journey’s together.
    ciao lisa

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