An Eating Tour of Paris

The final stop on our trip was Paris. Again, the weather was dreary, but I think Paris is more romantic in the rain. There is nothing like walking down an old cobblestone street damp with rain, and ducking into a bistro for an espresso or glass of wine. Oh, and of course having something to eat. You can easily eat your way through Paris. Paris is a food lover’s city.

I’m so happy we decided to do Paris by Mouth’s Best of Montmarte food tour. It was an ideal way to see one of Paris’ most unique and tasty neighborhoods. From learning how to choose the perfect baguette to eating pate and cheese on the street, this tour taught us how to shop and eat like a Parisian. Paris by Mouth is the go to website for people interested in discovering the best eats and drinks in Paris. Our tour definitely was the highlight of our trip. Here are some photos of our favorite stops and eats.

A lesson on a quality baguette

Street eating

Chocolates at A l’Etoile d’Or

Denise Acabo of A l’Etoile d’Or

After a busy couple of weeks (visiting parents followed by a week-long work trip to L.A.), I will be refocusing my posts on Piedmont. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “An Eating Tour of Paris

  1. I really enjoyed meeting you both on this Montmarte tour! Your photos are fantastic and bring it all back to me. I hope to see you again sometime, perhaps in the Piedmont!!


  2. I like the focus on the “piemonte” chocolates!:) How much does a tour like that cost? how long is it? i would be interested in doing something similar here in Piemonte! awesome pics once again…

    • I’m glad you noticed the Piemonte chocolate! The tour was 95 euro and lasted for 3 hours. The cost included tastes at all of our stops, plus a drink along the way! Definitely worth the money. I think a tour like this would be a great idea in Piemonte!

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