Searching for Amaretti

ImageImageFinding Piemontese food and drink that I love here in New York has been pretty easy so far. Barolo? Definitely. Barbaresco? Absolutely. Grissini? You bet. Tajarin? Yes (plus I can make this at home). Soft amaretti cookies? Tough luck!

So far, I have desperately searched for these soft, sweet amaretti cookies from Piemonte, specifically those from Mombaruzzo. Hard amaretti cookies are easily found here in the U.S., both imported and domestic ones. However, the soft cookies that I devoured on almost a daily basis in Italy have yet to be seen.

I fell in love with Amaretti di Mombaruzzo almost as soon as I walked into their shop, and definitely as soon as I took one bite. These soft cookies have intense flavor and pair excellently with wine or coffee. I would love to have these on a regular basis, but so far, they’ve been a luxury in our house. The limited supply we brought back from Italy vanished pretty quickly. Then, my wife had some sent over by a friend as a Christmas present for me. What a great surprise! But, these are dwindling in number as well. I’ll continue hunting for these locally, but my search has been fruitless thus far. Perhaps these should be left as a luxury. Some things are worth the wait.