Why I Love a Spritz!

We sat down at an outdoor cafe during our first day in Italy and ordered a bottle of wine. This MUST be what Italians drink in the afternoon, right? The waiter brought our bottle and we happily sipped our wine and took in the surrounding sights. The waves were rolling onto the beach in Vernazza, old women were lazily peering out over the square from their windows above, and some local children were kicking around a soccer ball. Suddenly I noticed that every table at the outdoor cafe, except for ours, had an orange drink on it. And every time a waiter walked by with a tray, there was an orange drink on it. I was obviously missing out on something. This something was the “Spritz” – an aperitivo made with Aperol and sparkling wine. The spritz was a common theme throughout our trip and we enjoyed them in every location we visited, from a sidewalk cafe in Alba, to apertivi in Milan. I am officially obsessed. The recipe is below for those who want to make them at home. The first sip immediately takes me back to Italy. Salute!

3 parts sparking white wine
2 parts Aperol
Orange wedge for garnish
Splash of soda water

Combine the above ingredients over ice in a wine glass, stir and enjoy!