A New Favorite in Boerum Hill

Rucola, a rustic Northern Italian restaurant in Boerum Hill, has only been open for about a year, but has quickly became one of my favorite restaurants. Our first visit came immediately after our trip to Piedmont and I was thrilled to see a menu with Piemontese touches so close to home.

Heirloom carrot salad

The menu isn’t huge, but it features a nicely edited selection of appetizers, a couple of┬áhomemade pastas, a few entrees, and┬ásides. All make use of fresh seasonal ingredients: VERY Piemontese. I always go for the homemade rigatoni in a meat sauce that has a touch of nutmeg. The mini cast iron pan of baked polenta is not to be missed either. All of these dishes are paired with an impressive wine list featuring all of your favorite Piemontese wines.

Homemade rigatoni with meat sauce

Lastly, you can’t beat the atmosphere at this cozy joint. Quiet street? Check. Soft lighting? Check. Stylish rustic decor? Check. Cool crowd? Check. Rucola only takes reservations for parties of 5 or more and can get crowded, so there could be a wait. Grab a spot at the bar and have an Italian aperitif. It’s worth the wait.