Ciao Londra!

Two weeks ago today, we were boarding a flight headed to London. Vacations really go by too quickly. But wow, what a trip! Unfortunately, most of it is just a memory. The rest was brought back in wine bottles, but stay tuned, for that’s another post.

London was our first stop, and it didn’t disappoint. Plenty of pints, the perfect hotel on Charlotte Street, dinner with friends from London, and numerous meat pies. I want to go back.

Not to be missed is Borough Market. This open air market just over the London Bridge is a food lover’s paradise. So many interesting bites to be had. I immediately wanted to lease an apartment in East London just to throw a dinner party with items bought from Borough Market. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible, so I took plenty of photos. It’s only open a few days a week, so check the schedule. It is a must do if you’re in London on the right day.

Mmmm….pasty (a Cornish meat pie)