Springtime Happy Hour

With temperatures near 70 degrees here in New York, it seems as if spring is finally here. Although I usually don’t break out the Arneis until after Easter, this week seemed like a perfect time to drink some Piemontese white wine. Chardonnay may not be the first wine that comes to mind when you think of Italian white wine, but some pretty amazing Chardonnay comes from the Langhe, the area of Piedmonte that is home to Barolo and Barbaresco. I picked up a 2005 Langhe Chardonnay from Brooklyn Wine Exchange and headed down Court Street to pick up some snacks to accompany the wine.

My usual choice for Italian snacks was closed by this time of the evening, so I popped into Union Market to check our their Italian cheese selection. Piedmont was well represented at the cheese counter and Toma Piemontese seemed like the perfect pairing to some Langhe Chardonnay.

Along with some bread and some toasted hazelnuts, this happy hour was a perfect way to welcome spring. The wine was dry and full-bodied and you could definitely tell that it was aged in barrique. The Toma was mild and didn’t over power the wine. After months and months of drinking Barbera and Dolcetto, it was nice to relax with some white wine and enjoy the warm weather. I’m glad that spring has arrived!