Uncommon Reds

Piemonte is famous for Barolo and Barbaresco. Most wine drinkers are also familiar with Barberas and Dolcettos from Piemonte. These are the most common Piemontese reds that you will find in your local wine store. Last night, I visited one of my favorite Brooklyn wine stores, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, and picked up two not so common reds from Piemonte.

If you’ve never visited Brooklyn Wine Exchange in Cobble Hill, go! They have one of the best wine selections in New York City, as well as some of the most helpful staff. Although their offerings may vary from week to week, they always have something interesting. In addition to a couple of Barberas, I picked up a 2007 Croatina and a 2010 Grignolino. You won’t find these varieties everyday, so I was excited to get home and open them up.

The Croatina was beautifully dark and had a nice fruity/floral finish. This was my favorite of the two. The Gringnolino is more delicate and has a light body. My wife preferred this wine. Both were excellent finds and delicious. Thankfully, we didn’t over imbibe and have enough left of both to carry us through the weekend.

I’m falling in love with the wines from Valli Unite. I’ve previously had both their Dolcetto and Barbera. The wines are always interesting, and so are their bottles. Look at that cork!